This Capacity-Building Program consists of  TWO  Weeks:

 Capacity-Building Workshop :      2 to 13 November, 2015

      1. Training session: 2 - 6 November, 2015

       2. IRI 2015 Workshop: 9 - 13 November, 2015


The Capacity-Building Workshop:    2 to 13 November, 2015

     The intent is to teach graduate students and young researchers the basics of ionospheric monitoring and modelling and familiarize the attendants with the most important online databases of ionospheric  ground and space data such as LEO satellites, GNSS and web interfaces to ionospheric models. The course includes lectures covering issues related to the equipment and data analysis used to monitor the ionosphere from the ground and from space and the representation of ionospheric parameters in models like the International Reference Ionosphere (IRI). Lectures will be supplemented by hands-on tutorials and teams of 3-4 students will work on specific modeling problems. The teams will report their activities and present their results  in a dedicated session at the end of the workshop. The second week will be organized as a regular IRI Workshop with scientists presenting their newest research related to  improvements and additions to the IRI model and ionospheric modeling in general.This will provide the students with an opportunity to get to know the leading experts in the field and learn what are today the most pressing needs and goals in ionospheric model development. Funding will be provided for travel, housing, and meals for a limited number of students. Please check the workshop website in February 2015 for more information on the application process.


The  IRI 2015 workshop:     9  to 13 November, 2015

    The  aim is to provide a venue to bring together a wide audience of academics and researchers from around the world to meet and discuss the latest ideas and present research results related to Space, ionospheric modeling, and IRI improvements and extensions. Special emphasis will be on improvements of IRI in the equatorial region and on the progress towards a Real-Time IRI. It is also our intention to enhance the research collaboration worldwide.


Topics of the IRI 2015 Workshop include :
Ionosphere-Troposphere Coupling
Topside and bottomside profiles
Global representation of peak parameters
Representation of ion composition
Representation of plasma temperatures
Real-time IRI
IRI Applications
New Inputs for IRI
Space Weather Education
Effects of Ionosphere on GNSS (aeronautical, satellite, etc.)
Space Weather applications (disasters, satellite, communications).